6. Work experience must be carried out in cooperation with and initiated by the student or educational institution All employees of the University who work with students and/or graduates who carry out internships and work experience 1. Internships and internships must be offered as unpaid opportunities A “work experience agreement form” must be provided by any student who wishes to complete a short- or medium-term internship, and accepted (absessed) by the tutor 3 weeks before the start of an internship and returned to the student office. 5. Interns must be required to sign a non-disclosure agreement if they have access to staff and student personal data or if they are expected to work with the organization`s insurance coverage with respect to employer liability and civil liability must be confirmed with the internship agreement form before starting an internship. In addition to the above, generic UH insurance documents must be completed in ALL cases. Form A must be completed by the host company confirming that it: has a health and safety policy; conducted a risk assessment; have liability and employer insurance that covers the student; have informed their insurers of the presence of students; If necessary, training and protective clothing will be provided; UH contact in case of injuries, etc. Describe guidelines and related procedures related to internships and work experience 7. When assigning work experience opportunities to a person, any useful economic benefit derived from the university is not relevant to the work experience The main purpose is to expose the person to the activities of the university as an employer and not to replace the work of an employee. Internships are a way for students and graduates to gain on-the-job experience to gain transferable skills for future employment opportunities.13 The letter must state that this is not an employer-employee relationship and that the person is not required to work beyond the work required to gain the experience If a student or tutor is affected in any way, they should seek additional advice. As part of the Work Experience Agreement, staff and students should discuss health and safety issues and determine the level of risk of the work to be performed.

If the risk is high, students should not perform the activity. Consider obvious hazards that can reasonably cause significant harm to the student in the work environment – for example. B, fires, chemicals, dust, fumes, machinery. Students should take all necessary precautions to protect themselves from risks by reducing risks, working only within the framework of their current skills and experience, and seeking additional education at school or in the organization. 10. Interns and individuals with work experience must follow all university guidelines Interns and individuals with work experience are required to keep confidential all information relating to academic affairs during and after the internship Work experience and internships are set up to provide a learning experience that extends from the classroom to the workplace and provides the person experience, Apply knowledge in the context of work.. .