According to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, when asked for the deal this week, a department spokesman said the rules for flea market events “where individuals don`t gather for low-key events or shows” “have always been different from the instructions offered at large meetings for an event or show.” Congressman Chris Sainato, a Democrat representing Lawrence County, knew nothing about the deal until 11 investigators showed him the papers. BUTLER, Pa. (ots/OTS) -11 Investigates continues to hide information about the confidential settlement agreement between a huge open-air car location near Harrisburg and the Pennsylvania Health Minister. The secret agreement allowed the show, although other major events were cancelled due to COVID-19. I don`t know what a buffet has to do with an 82-hectare auto show lot. It`s like comparing an apple to a steak. We often go through Carlisle and it seems that there are different shows. Are they still the same or are they all vintage cars? CARLISLE, Pa. (ots/N) – Channel 11 has secured a secret agreement that states that the health minister has authorized a car show near Harrisburg to allow 20,000 people a day. The documents show that the two sides reached a low-key agreement that allowed the Eastern Pennsylvania show to continue, dethough it violated green phase restrictions that all of Pennsylvania must comply with: 250 people at outdoor events; 25 people at indoor events.