Most of the time, tenants who want to break their lease have what they consider a valid reason to break their lease (such as a marriage or job transfer), but it`s simply not someone the law recognizes as an excuse to avoid punishment. If you need to break your rental agreement, the key is to avoid or at least limit a penalty from your landlord. The chances that you will have to pay the fine depending on the situation. What you need to keep in mind is that, as with any contract, you risk a fine if you break your rental agreement. If your rental agreement is valid for a fixed period of time (for example. B one year), as is usually the case with rental contracts, this means that you have agreed to pay the rent for the entire duration. The fact that you only pay your rent month by month doesn`t mean you`re automatically out of business for the remaining payments if you decide to move prematurely. In some circumstances, you can break your rental agreement with confidence, because you know you don`t have to pay the fine. If you find yourself in any of the following situations, be sure to inform your landlord to avoid any problems: You should be able to break your rental agreement without penalty if: Your rental agreement is a mandatory contract between you and your landlord, which means that breaking your rental agreement is an offense. People often have good reasons to break a contract, and you may have good excuses to leave your lease. I think all of these big homes are run by unethical companies.