If you are faced with a situation where the other parent of your children does not follow a court-issued custody order, it is possible to re-apply to the court to ensure that the custody order is followed and that the other parent is punished for the offences. my ex threatens to have arrested me for sexual abuse of children if I do not leave her alone, she and her new boyfriend … It`s a bunch of bulls… When will the courts see what these women are doing to us, the fathers… my children haven`t seen for more than two years, and they`re not sure where they are, or if they`re still alive… She had said that she was going to kill her and that nothing would happen because she thought she was going to die of cancer. So I worry or men??? We have an orderly kinship plan. I want to change it every week to live up to his drama. There is the place and time with a 20 minute window (when we got to the final education plan, I knew what I was dealing with). Not so hard!! But voluntarily, the children return to the very last window. He even sat in front of the starting point until he was at the last of the 20-minute window. I want to use the tour to control myself. Hey, mike.

I know what you`re talking about. I will make this very easy, go to the courthouse and file an application for execution. Once they have the decree that you already have, which you or your wife can fetch, keep the original and the new movement with you. Let your wife keep a copy. If she refuses to give you the children, she can simply call the police to show them the initial order and the new enforcement order. it will have no choice at this stage. I just wanted to get close to you. I`m in the same boat, unless I`m a mom. My teenage son said he wanted to live with his fathers, and I wanted to show him that I supported him, so I agreed. I also thought this decision would get our son out of the fight. I made a mistake.

My son is doing the same thing now that your daughter-in-law refuses to come to me, and even sends me hateful text messages. The alienation of the parents is the cause. We have a hearing and a mediation appointment, so I will ask that things be rehabilitated. You have to do the same thing. There is no other way. Your daughter needs advice, but there must also be a psychological examination for parental alienation and an enforcement order. The only way to stop this is to find a way for your daughter-in-law to spend as much time as possible with your husband, and a kind of order that limits the power of mothers to rest and promote such disrespectful behavior. I have the opposite problem, I am the mother and the parent, but my sons father and grandmother have taken my son and will not let me see me or talk to him. I did everything in my power to make this arrangement work, including his father`s resignation from paying child benefit to help him, and letting him see his son whenever he wanted.

One day, my grandmother sons (Dad`s mother) went to pick up my son, laughed at me because I needed a temporary walker because of an illness and months in the hospital, then I insulted him in front of my son, then she took my crying son and left my house.