Each academy or academy has a contract – the “funding agreement” – directly with the Secretary of State for Education. They obtain their funding and, although there are standard agreements, each academy has negotiated its own funding agreement with the Secretary of State. This means that funding arrangements are different and it is important to take this into account when there is a concern/complaint that needs to be resolved. The new governance clauses are designed to ensure that inappropriate individuals or organizations do not engage in the academic sector. The quickest way to find the Academy you`re looking for is to enter your name in the “By the name of school or city” search area on the Performance Tables homepage and click on the search. An academy`s grant agreement can be reached on its individual school page. Each academy will need an SFA next to the AMF, and these agreements should be read in relation. In addition, changes must be made to existing funding agreements published prior to the revised June 2014 version. Changes that need to be made depend on the version used by the Academy, but include either the full replacement of the documents with the new version of the model, or the addition of additional provisions to ensure that they match those contained in the revised document. Ark`s relationship with the Secretary of State is outlined in the Master Funding Agreement.

There are also additional funding agreements for each school in the network, including the Ark Academy. The DfE has not yet published revised funding agreements for non-traditional projects, such as. B: Sixth-form colleges should read the school transformation guide for sixth-form colleges, and then speak with their regional school manager and EFSA`s case manager. Always get the Academy funding contract you`re dealing with. Funding agreements are no longer available via a link. To obtain the funding agreement, look for the Academy in reference to its full name in the performance section of the Department of Education (DfE) Site. In addition to your funding agreement, you must complete a memorandum and status. If you need advice or assistance in determining changes to your funding agreements and/or governance training to enforce the new governance requirements, please contact Chris Billington on 0113 244 6100. Academies are government-funded schools free to govern independently – but all are accountable to the Minister of Education.

To exchange resources and best practices, many are part of multi-academie trusts – a network of schools under a law enforcement position. Use the Model Funding Agreement if you are one: Established academy trusts that are considering updating their existing funding agreement to the latest model should contact us via the ESFA online application form. Perhaps the most significant changes to funding agreements relate to governance. The commitments of the Academy Trust Fund in the funding agreement depend on the nature of the School. For a mainstream academy, the Academy: The revised funding agreements prescribed the Academy`s trusts: the Secretary of State reserves the right to terminate the funding contract or request the withdrawal of a member/agent if a person refuses to provide the necessary information or if the Secretary of State deems them “unfit”. The new governance clauses are designed to ensure that inappropriate individuals or organizations are not included in the academic sector.