Sustainability begins with a principles-based approach to business activity. The sustainability of the business starts with a company`s value system and a principles-based approach. This means that we must work in a way that achieves at least fundamental responsibilities in the areas of human rights, labour, the environment and the fight against corruption. Responsible companies provide the same values and principles wherever they are present and know that good practices in one area do not compensate for the damage in another. By integrating the Ten Principles of the United Nations Global Compact into strategies, strategies and procedures and creating a culture of integrity, companies not only maintain their fundamental responsibility to human beings and planets, but also create the conditions for long-term success. For the United Nations system, the rule of law is a principle of governance in which all public and private individuals, institutions and institutions, including the state itself, are held accountable for laws that are publicly enacted, applied in the same way and adopted independently and in accordance with international human rights standards and standards. It requires measures to ensure respect for the principles of the rule of law, equality before the law, accountability to the law, fairness in the application of the law, separation of powers, participation in decisions taken, legal security, prevention of arbitrariness and procedural and legal transparency. Despite a clear consensus on the importance of the PoP, many challenges have arisen in the effective implementation of the PoP, including: the UN kit is a multilateral agreement on competition policy, which explicitly refers to the PoP in all partnership/memorandum agreements with the United Nations, other NGOs and the Red Cross/Half Moon Movement (RC) and assess how all parties to the agreements/PECO have complied. The framework also provides significant technical assistance and capacity training capabilities to interested Member States, so that they are better able to apply competition law and development policies.