The TETA`s mission is to develop a sectoral qualification plan (PSP) for the transport sector; unDP implementation through the implementation of learning capacity, approval of work plans, awarding of pay-as-you-go grants and monitoring of transport sector activities in the area of education and training (ETD); Ensuring the quality of EDS interventions; and the payment of withdrawal assistance. The terms of the agreement are consistent with the terms of the workplace apprenticeship program, the law and other applicable laws Additional requirements for a group of employers: one of the employers is identified as a leading employer The leading employer has signed the agreement and other employer parts are listed in an appendix to the Agreement 15 REGISTERING LEARNERSHIPSSAQA may change registration or qualification in relation to a learner The General Manager will amend the corresponding certificate or issue a new registration certificate Section 14 9 REQUIREMENTS FOR REGISTRATION Cont.Additional requirements for a group of suppliers: one of the suppliers is identified as a leading supplier Each supplier, Contracting Party: is accredited for a portion of the curriculum that is related to the Apprenticeship Program The main provider : enters into a binding agreement with accredited suppliers; If it undertakes to ensure compliance with the supplier`s obligations within the meaning of the agreement, ensures that the accreditation status of the parties to the agreement is maintained 4 SUBMISSION OF ACCORD FORM, the Schedule A apprenticeship agreement must be completed and signed by the parties The employer/supplier must submit the contractual forms signed to TETA within 30 working days. TETA registration and compliance process Unemployed learners must sign an employment contract 14 REGISTERING LEARNERSHIPSStakeholder complete and submit an application for registration of a learning centre (Annex B) to the relevant chamber. , the Director General must assign and issue a learner registration number; and issuing a registration certificate to the Quality Board Section 14 2 Registration of the Learner Registration Agreement Disagrees OUTLINE Registration of lernerships Disputes Agreement – Appendix A The Workplace based learning program agreement regulation, 2018 has been published in The Regulation will come into force on April 1, 2019 CONTEXT 8 REQUIREMENTS FOR REGISTRATION Cont.Additional requirements for a group of employers: all employers who are parties to the agreement are approved for the structured component of the work experience The leading employer is committed to ensuring compliance with the employer`s obligations; and to ensure the implementation of the agreement in the workplace of the other employer parties 10 REGISTRATION DECISION BY TETA Within 30 working days after receiving an agreement, tetA has verified whether the relevant requirements must be met with TETA: Register the agreement, register the registration date and generate a number for the agreement Send proof, that the agreement has been registered if TETA is unable to register the agreement, TETA is right to make its decision within 14 working days 11 TERMINATION OF ACCORDTETA may authorize the termination of an agreement if: an employer, learner or claimant made a written request for termination and the other parties had the opportunity to speak A learner terminated an employment contract with the TETA employer or the employer was unable to speak , to replace another TETA provider or the supplier is not able to arrange another employer to organize another employer, section 14 6 REQUIREMENTS FOR REGISTRATIONTETA can register an agreement regarding an apprenticeship program if: the completed and signed contract form has been submitted to TETA within 30 working days. A ETQA for the relevant curriculum under the Learning Program Section 7 12 TERMINATION OF AGREEMENT Cont.TETA has developed guidelines for the termination of learners An application for termination of a contract must be submitted to TETA In the case of the employer/learner who completes his or her application,