They are also required to pay all taxes, duties, duties, duties, and other taxes collected by a government authority (“taxes”), including VAT, goods and services tax, provincial turnover tax and/or harmonized turnover tax and/or withholding tax on services provided under this agreement. If you are exempt, you will provide us with a certificate or other proof of the tax exemption that we are satisfied with. In the event that you use the Services to make payments or withdrawals to third parties (including another stripe user or a third party who is not a stripe user), you agree that you are responsible for determining the taxes that apply to these payments or payments, if any, and the assessment, collection, reporting and transfer of related taxes, as required by law in all relevant legal systems. You accept that Stripe is not responsible for the assessment, collection, reporting or transfer of services taxes under this Agreement and/or payments or payments you make to third parties through the Services. Stripe works with various Stripe affiliates and various payment method providers and payment providers to provide you with access to Payment Methods and Payment Processing Services. When Payment Processing Services allows you to submit Payments (as indicated below), we may limit or deny the processing of Payments Related to Prohibited Activities, or when Payments are submitted in violation of pre-release conditions. Thanks for using Stripe Connect. This agreement governs your use of Stripe Connect and describes how you and your third parties can use Stripe Connect to enable you to use Stripe`s services, including the ability to accept payments for goods or services or receive beneficial donations and other related services. Please read the Stripe Connected Account Agreement, which begins under the Recipient Information section when you use Stripe Connect to use Stripe`s payment services.

Termination: You may terminate the contract for Point of Sale device services if you notify Stripe and stop using these services (which you can do at any time), if you provide Stripe 60 days in advance (for any reason or no reason), or if Stripe violates the agreement and does not cause the infringement within 30 days of your notification to Stripe.