They said their policy was the landlord`s bill for unpaid bills. WHAT DOES SCE SPECIAL DO? Why is it not any company that provides services through the real estate address, the gas company, the cable company, the telephone company, the Internet service companies? Problem 1: How can you hire someone for services they haven`t authorized? In fact, I say that SCE violates my rights by providing service to my property WITHOUT MY CONSENT. Problem two: when I told the SCE representative that I had not ordered the service. She told me that when I was renting the house my tenant did. I asked for the name on the account. She said she couldn`t tell me, but if I send the rent to SCE who says the tenants are responsible for the bill, SCE would take it off. Except that the SCE holds me responsible for an invoice that was made to someone whose name I do not know. SCE requires that I request a document with ALL OCCUPANTS of a given address at a given time without consent. That would be a violation of the Data Protection Act. I asked the SCE for the agreement of its account owner to pass on the name to me, and I would do the same politeness. It is quite natural, during this dispute, they sent the $68 bill to the collection agency and CREDIT REPORT AGENCY. I can`t even have a debit card from Target.PLEASE JOINT ME IN A CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT I would take back Edison Electric SCE. CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT I didn`t order a service from them.

You never ask for my consent to provide the service. Yet they insist that I am legally responsible for an unpaid bill.