L) The owners here have written the developer who realized on the construction and development of real estate and infrastructure and know-how in the same, for the development and commercial use of the premises mentioned, more detailed and particularly described in the “A” list below and the developer on the mentioned representations of the owners, has proposed and agreed to carry out the development and commercial operation of these premises under the conditions set out in this agreement, if a provision of the agreement is annulled, annulled, illegal or not applicable by a judicial authority or competent authority, the contracting parties replace this provision with a valid and applicable provision, making almost effective the original intention of a provision unenforceable, or by mutual agreement of the parties. , it can be separated from the agreement, and the remaining provision of the agreement remains in force and in full effectiveness. The owner and the developer compensate and withhold the tenant for all the consequences and debts arising from the joint development agreement/agreement between the owner and the developer and the property taker, except to the extent that his interest in renting the object agreed in the agreement is protected. The landlord and the developer ensure that they take the necessary steps to protect the interests of the taker and to repair the loss the tenant suffered in this regard. 8.3 If the owner and developer and the developer change the dominant portion of the property, the tenant has without prejudice the right to terminate the contract at his sole discretion and the provisions of the clause – come into force. b) That the additional sum of Rs. …………… (Roupies…………………. only) is paid to the owner by the developer at the time of handing over the physical property of the property mentioned, after the developer has sanctioned the plans or before ……………. based on what predates the limited objective of the development and construction of this project.