AND CONSIDERING that parties wish to register in writing the terms of their agreement If a company or individual buys or sells shares in the company with another company or person, they need a share purchase agreement. Share purchase contracts are often used by partnership firms when shares are transferred between partners and in startups that raise capital by issuing shares to investors. Call Legistify at 8468833013 or email us at [email protected] to connect with the best contract expert near you to design and execute your stock purchase agreement in India. 5. XYZ agreed that the XYZ Group would pay the company a total amount of RS. 20 per cent (20 per cent) allocated to the XYZ group. _________________Only To cover the equity and the premium of the total amount of Rs.__________/______________Only, approximately Rs._________/rupees (_____________Only rupees) in counter-value of U.S. dollars – these amounts already received have been treated by the company as advances on capital and premium. The balance of Rs____________/- (Rupees – Only the lakh) must be paid in the following way.

6. It was agreed by mutual agreement that the company would not further dilute its own capital or the use of financial resources by any other person or would agree to assign shares to another person without the agreement of XYZ. In addition, it was agreed that, without the agreement of the XYZ Group, ABC Group will only be able to sell the shares allocated to them in the event of an IPO or a second round of mutually agreed financing. If a second round of funding is required, this will be done by mutual agreement between the parties, and an IPO is expected to also be made and shares will be issued to the public. The parties agreed that a proportional dilution of the shares would be carried out for future funding rounds, as agreed upon. Information on the prices at which the shares are sold by the company. AND CONSIDERING that, for reasons of brevity, ABC and some others have transferred to the company sums of money for which shares have been or should be issued to them, and that this group is called the “XYZ Group” for reasons of brevity; Due Diligence – A stock purchase company is a basic business process that is carried out when an investor is involved.