The new market data agreement, the Information License Agreement (ILA), will be available online as a fully automatic licensing interface from April 2019. The guide below provides a detailed overview of the ILA process. Accessed historical data via our self-service platform. Available data sets range from global baseline data to alternative data. Test subscriptions are available. View all news and updates from market data policies for licensing CME group data. Yes, if you are an activated CME Direct user and you are entitled to market data at any time of the month, you will be charged a fee. CME Group`s market data team provides individuals and businesses with access to real-time, deferred and end-of-day data for CME Group`s markets. Customers, clearing companies and channel partners must enter into specific agreements to access the CME Globex electronic trading platform for trading, data and platform interface development. These agreements can be made manually or electronically. Each form contains information about where it should be sent. The scope collects detailed information about the services you want to provide in order to use and/or distribute market data.

The market data team is made up of account managers who work with you as a link with the CME Group to understand your business model and market data needs, as they are provided in the Services. Please complete the SOU in the most complete way possible, the more complete and detailed the information you provide, the better the account managers can serve you. Accessed data directly from the CME group via our market data platform, which is designed for scalability. Choose your market data format and connection type. Your entity must designate the licensed master entity, that is, the entity that holds a licensing agreement with CME Group and all companies, including associated companies, that participate in that license. CME Direct can be used for closing entry in CME ClearPort without the approval of market data. Market approval rates for over-the-counter trading platforms are not charged. To become a licensed distributor of CME Group, you must complete the following forms: Access market data directly from cme Group via our market data platform (MDP) which enables highly efficient messaging and is designed for scalability and flexible redistribution of market data information. Choose your market data format and network connection type. The first invoice will be issued in February 2019 for the use of market data in January.

The February invoices will be delivered in the first week of March 2019. The CME Group offers licensing opportunities to use our future premium and options market data in a way that will increase the value of your current offerings. The CME Group has completed the directive and the pricing of market data on CME Direct. Commissions are calculated by the standard market data directive on basic market data by device, exchange and month. The CME Group offers a simple and simple process to become a data reseller of our licensed market data. Require CME Globex production connectivity for business and market data, as described in the CME production connectivity guide.