CONSIDERING, Business Associate is active in providing a convenient online management product (“Offer”); and Business Associate is committed to ensuring that any subcontractor providing protected health information to the business partner accepts the same restrictions and conditions as those applicable to counterparties with respect to this information under this agreement. The counterparty also accepts that the restrictions and conditions imposed on these subcontractors are imposed by a written agreement meeting all the requirements of Section 164.504 (e) (2) and that the counterparty may only provide these subcontractors with protected health information in accordance with Section 13405 (b) of the HITECH Act. In addition, Business Associate undertakes to provide copies of these written agreements to the insured unit within 10 business days of an insured company`s request. This agreement can only be amended by a written agreement signed between the insured unit and the counterparty. Where the violation relates to unsecured protected health information, as explained in paragraph 2, point c, The Business Associate agrees to notify the covered entity of the violation within 10 (10) working days of the discovery of that violation; All other compromises with protected health information are reported to the insured entity within 20 working days of discovery. Business Associate also agrees, in accordance with Section 13402 of the HITECH Act, to provide the insured entity, by e-mail or telephone call, with the information necessary to the covered entity to meet the requirements of this section. If Business Associate is an agent of the insured entity, Business Associate agrees that any breach of the insured entity`s unsecured protected health information will be reported immediately after notification of the breach, and under no circumstances later than one (1) next business day. Business Associate also agrees that any compromise on protected health information, with a violation of unsecured protected health information in accordance with item 2 (c) of this agreement, will be notified to the covered entity within ten (10) working days after the discovery of this compromise or an attempt to compromise. At the request of the insured company, Business Associate undertakes to make available to covered companies the documents established under this agreement, so that the company concerned can respond to an individual`s request for a presentation of the health protection information referred to in point 45 C.F.R. 164.528.

The counterparty makes this documentation available in a way and a format to be defined by the covered unit. Business Associate has a reasonable period of time to comply with such a request from Covered Entity and, under no circumstances, the consideration may be required to submit these documents in less than five (5) business days from the receipt of such a request by the counterparty. Business Associate provides the insured unit with information by e-mail or telephone call, with this information to be provided to the unit insured in accordance with Article 2, point d) of this agreement. The covered entity reserves the right to change the manner and format in which this information is made available to the covered entity, as long as the requested change is reasonably necessary by the insured entity to comply with HIPAA rules or hitECH, and business Associate 60 (60) business days before the requested amendment comes into effect. All other agreements between covered entities and Business Associate, which are not related to this purpose, remain fully in force and effective.