Training credits are awarded from a salary plan to current or new members of the rate unit whose postgraduate program requires them to complete more than 36 hours of graduation to graduate. If z.B. a teacher`s postgraduate program requires 57 hours of credit for graduates, then the teacher has 9 p.m. beyond the M-0 track detected for the purposes of the salary plan, and the teacher would be placed in track M-16. The remuneration of a member of the bargaining unit on leave without pay is reduced in accordance with the pay contract. The Board of Directors agrees that it does not discriminate against any member of the bargaining unit with respect to hours, salaries, conditions or conditions of employment because of the member`s membership in a professional organization, participation in negotiations or participation in a complaint. Each teaching office worker is paid for the following public holidays, provided that these days fall during the duration of the bargaining unit member`s contract and that the rate unit member is at work on that date: if a member of the negotiation requests bereavement leave for a family member who is not described in Section 8.1.1, his application is considered in accordance with point 8.1.6. It goes without saying that events such as “Open Houses,” “Back to School Nights” and similar events should be scheduled during the normal 180-day work year. However, if the district decides to hold such events outside the regular 180-day work year, the work is detached and interested and qualified members of the rate unit can apply. Those selected for this work are paid at the rate of pay 6 (renewal of the contract) because this work would be an extension of their normal duties.

The parties recognize that a member of the bargaining unit and the employer can resolve problems through free and informal communication. However, a complaint is treated as follows: a member of the newly called bargaining unit may refuse an available organization with fewer hours and/or a lower rate of pay, but must accept a comparable position, in hours and rates of pay, to the position from which the rate unit member was reduced. A member of the bargaining unit who refuses to accept a job of comparable wages and schedules loses the right of recall. The FIR Joint Committee will meet annually to discuss issues related to placement in fir groups. The committee is made up of representatives on an equal footing, with representatives selected. The committee meets until December 1 of each school year and must agree on changes to the criteria for admission to a group on or before February 1 of a school year, so that the agreement is requested for that school year. A member of the bargaining unit on family emergency leave is required to provide the secretary of the board in writing if that member of the bargaining unit asks to return to his or her position.