IE Market Research Corp. has copyright on all reports and other electronic documents or media it produces in connection with client work. IE Market Research Corp. can use all of its features without restriction, including hardware, software, IE Market Research Corp.`s proprietary products, confidential information and trade secrets. This property remains the property of IE Market Research Corp., and the client does not acquire any rights or interests in it. IE Market Research Corp. will not disseminate, organize or in any way shape the results of contract research that would in any way adversely affect its client`s competitive position. We sign a service contract with all our contract customers. The terms and conditions of this service agreement are listed below. Specific conditions may apply on a case-by-case basis. We recognize that some clients have their own consulting and professional service contracts. We welcome these agreements.

Field: IE Market Research Corp. IE Market Research Corp. will do its best to meet customer needs in a timely and efficient manner. The assignment is limited to the work outlined in the IE Market Research Corp. proposal. Extensions of the scope of the assignment require the agreement of the client and IE Market Research Corp. If the client requires additional work, a reasonable additional fee must be paid by the client to IE Market Research Corp. Consulting work may experience unforeseen delays and depends to some extent on factors beyond the control of IE Market Research Corp. If IE Market Research Corp. is prevented from doing so for reasons outside its control area, it will be entitled to a reasonable period of time for the work to be carried out.

Payment is due within seven days of the invoice date. Use of Reports and Recommendations The provision of advisory services by ie Market Research Corp. will include a report containing results, conclusions and recommendations. Such a report is prepared by IE Market Research for distribution or dissemination to the parties, as agreed in the proposal. Accordingly, these reports must not be reproduced or used for other purposes without the written permission of IE Market Research Corp. IE Market Research Corp. disclaims any liability or liability in the event of losses suffered by the client or other parties as a result of the dissemination, publication or reproduction of the contents of these reports that violate the provisions of this paragraph. If IE Market Research provides advice or recommendations to the client, any decision to implement these advice or recommendations is the client`s responsibility.

IE Market Research Corp. is not liable to the customer for losses incurred as a result of an act or inaction if, in good faith, it is established that such conduct was in the client`s best interests and that such conduct did not constitute negligence or agreement. IE Market Research is compensated by the client for losses, judgments, debts, expenses and amounts paid when the fees it bears in connection with a commitment are paid. The terms of engagement documented on this page are the property of IE Market Research Corp. and cannot be copied or used in whole or in part without the prior written approval of IE Market Research Corp.